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We were pumped to have the team over at Charlotte's got a lot stop by Queen Park Social to show them around our new digs for the June 2017 issue. We were even more honored to see it all come together in the brand new addition!  

Check out Queen Park Social shoutouts in this issue's Social Roundup (page 7), Down The Line (page 22) and Weekend Warrior (page 36).  BIG thanks to 

Learn more about our skyscrapers, light rail and historical food joint in this month's issue of Happenings magazine ::

Just when you thought Lower South End couldn’t get any cooler, Queen Park Social bring its A-game. The bowling alley-meets-bar-meets-neighborhood hangout is the latest addition to what’s effectively becoming Charlotte’s adult playground district. It joins two breweries, a distillery, a craft liquor bar and a cidery — all within walking distance of each other.
— Weekend Warrior by Bryan Richards